Dressmaking Blogs to Inspire Both Young and Old … and Everyone In-between! Introducing Angela Foster of Sew Angelic Threads!

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You find the perfect dressmaking fabric and a gorgeous new sewing pattern but that paralyzing fear that you’ll just make a mess of things sets in and you end up tucking away your precious project supplies into that ‘I will make this one day’ spot in your craft room.  You know that spot.  I think most of us have one.  And if you are a less than confident dressmaker that spot can be pretty crowded with abandoned someday lovelies.

Angela Foster wants to help people to become more confident in their sewing and to go at those wanna be wardrobe fillers with joy and self-assurance!  She writes not one, but two blogs aimed at passing along her skills to those with an urge to create their own clothes.  Her first blog SewAngelicThreads is aimed at adults who want to create fashionable, well-fitting garments.  She reviews sewing patterns, too, and will tell you about any glitches she’s found in them and how to correct them.  

Her new blog is for kids who are keen to learn some skills.  Angela explains that by using a doll as a dress form, young ones can learn all the dressmaking skills they need to make well-fitted, made-to-measure clothes for themselves.  Sewangelicadetshreads will show anyone wanting to learn to sew how to take a sewing pattern for an 18 inch doll and easy-to-use 100% cotton dressmaking fabric and turn it into a gorgeous wardrobe for your lucky doll!  We’re happy to be teaming up with Angela by offering gorgeous pre-cut fabric bundles to join in on the sew-along fun!

learn to sew with angela foster

Angela is living with Parkinson’s Disease and is determined to live her life to the fullest despite the challenges of the disease.  She is inspirational and truly a hero in the UK sewing bloggers’ community.  We at Thread Heads are so happy to have gotten to know her in recent months.

What makes lovely Angela tick sewing-wise?

We asked Angela 3 questions about her life as a sewist hoping some of her sewing mojo just might rub off on us!

Who is your biggest style influence?

My biggest style influence is a tough one.  I don’t have one!  I wear what I want to wear and what pleases me. Over the years I learned what does or does not suit me and what colours work and what don’t, etc.

What is your best sewing tip?

My best sewing tip is to press every seam every time.  Use the correct pressing tool such as a sleeve roll or tailor’s ham, etc.  Pressing as you go along makes the difference between home made and hand made.

Finally, what is one thing you would love to sew, but haven’t yet and why haven’t you sewn it yet?

What would I love to sew? Emmmm.  I guess that would have to be lingerie.  It would be lovely to have a collection of handmade underwear, but I just haven’t had the time to do it!

sew angelic threads

Be sure to check out Angela’s blogs, drop her a comment and tell her Clare at Thread Heads sent you!

Happy sewing!



Clare is an old school up-cycler who created early punk style wedding dresses for her Barbie dolls from her mom’s old bras. Her top tip: lacy cups make the perfect skirt overlay for the dress.

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    • Clare says:

      Thanks for the comment Joanne! Both of Angela’s blogs are worth a look and she is always happy to answer any sewing related questions.

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