Fellow Thread Head Lovely Lisa Shares Her Adorable Michael Miller Gnomeville Dress

Gnomeville Dress With Michael Miller Fabrics

My dear Thread Heads, is this the cutest dress or what?!

Our friend Lisa only recently began making dresses for her two young daughters, but she definitely has the knack for it!!  The Gnomeville print is a favourite with crafters and the print is so appealing to the little ones!  The simplicity of the dress style works well with the busy print.  Lisa did a fantastic job of maximizing the border print on the front of the dress and where it was placed on the sewing pattern piece.  It looks lovely having the back of the dress with only the spots.

Oh, and we should mention this print is popular with grown-ups too!  Need proof?  Just have a peek here at what we found on Pinterest.

Back View of Gnomeville Dress

But hold on a sec there, Clare, you may be saying.  This fabric is supposed to be for quilting!  Well, yes and no.

Although created primarily as quilting fabric, today’s top manufacturers such as Michael Miller use quality 100% cotton with a softness and drape that make it appropriate as dressmaking fabric.

You can see from Lisa’s little dress that the fabric looks crisp and lovely.  It’s a sturdy textile!  Over time, with washing and wearing, the cotton will soften and slightly fade making for a a very well-loved looking dress!


Our 100% cotton fabric in our shop can do the double time of both a super-duper choice for quilting or an oh-so-fabulous dressmaking option when sewing patterns call for medium weight cotton fabric.  Nice, eh?  Would quilting fabric work for a blouse pattern that calls for lots of drape and fluidity?  We’d say no.  But for a summer dress or an autumn tunic, definitely!

Thanks so much to Lisa for sharing her Gnomeville dress!  We absolutely love it!  We hope she has inspired you to have a go at making a Gnomeville dress of your own for your little one.  Grab yourself some fabric here.

Happy sewing, all!


Clare is an old school up-cycler who created early punk style wedding dresses for her Barbie dolls from her mom’s old bras. Her top tip: lacy cups make the perfect skirt overlay for the dress.

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