What’s all this talk about fat quarters and long quarters?

Whether you want a selection of smaller pieces of fabric for a scrappy patchwork quilt, or to mix and match fabric for making a funky tote bag, or several metres of one design for a flowing maxi dress, you have the choice of how you buy your fabric.

At Thread Head Fabrics we sell our fabric by the fat quarter of a metre or the long quarter of a metre so you can buy just what you need.

Quarters Explanation

  • Fat quarters are half the width of the fabric by 50 cm (19 ½ in) long.
  • Long quarters are the width of the fabric by 25 cm (9 ¾ in) long. These are traditional metre cuts in quarter lengths cuts across the width of the fabric.
  • If you need longer lengths of fabric, then you can purchase by the long quarter. Just select 4 long quarters in the drop down box for each full metre of fabric required.
  • Multiple units of fabric will be sent as one continuous piece.

Quarter To Metre Table

Number Of Fat Quarters or Long Quarters Metre Equivalent
1 ¼ Metre
2 ½ Metre
3 ¾ Metre
4 1 Metre
5 1 ¼ Metres
6 1 ½ Metres
7 1 ¾ Metres
8 2 Metres


Please Note!!

We make every effort to create images of our fabrics and other products as accurately as possible. But individual screen displays can vary and colours may not look exactly the same on your screen as they are in real life. Please contact us if you have any queries before purchasing.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our fabrics are medium weight 100% woven cotton suitable for clothing, quilting, light use home décor and other crafting projects.

Our fabrics are not suitable for children’s sleepwear according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

We recommend washing fabric before creating your projects as fabric will shrink the first time it is washed. Please allow for shrinkage when ordering.

Our fabric is cut from the bolt as it arrives from the manufacturer. Wrinkles in the length of fabric can occur during the production process. Sometimes fabric can be wound onto the bolt in a slightly uneven way making perfectly straight cuts of the pattern impossible. We do our best to compensate for this when cutting the fabric from the bolt.

When ordering smaller cuts of fabric, depending on the pattern, you may not receive the entire pattern in the piece. This can happen with larger patterned designs.