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Ok, fellow Thread Heads.  We have to admit it.  There is something so soothing about sitting at your sewing machine on a quiet night armed with some gorgeous quilting fabric or dressmaking fabric and a fab new sewing pattern you’ve been dying to try, maybe listening to some music or a fave podcast.

Yet isn’t crafting so much more fun when it becomes something social?

Diane Warburton thinks so!  She knows how to help fellow crafters and crafter wannabes unleash their creativity without that inner fear of failure so  many have that hold them back from having a go at crafting hobbies.  At Stitchscape, her bright, colourful sewing studio in the Newton-le-Willows area of Warrington in Cheshire, she offers a place for like minded craft enthusiasts to relax, stitch, crochet, and have a gab about all things crafty in a supportive, friendly environment.


Diane from Stitchscape Sewing Studio
Diane Warburton of Stitchscape in Warrington


Whether you live locally to Stitchscape or if you’ll be in the area for a visit, why not drop by and meet Diane for a sewcial!  She has started a local Modern Quilters Guild group for those of us who love the look of the less traditional quilts.  Details are on her website.

Be sure to check out all of her workshops while you’re at it.  There is something there for everyone including a monthly session for making a  winter coat, a machine embroidery session and an extra special workshop on Saturday, 10 September to help you master curved piecing techniques with the uber talented Jenny Haynes of Pappen, Sax, Sten.  Space is very limited for this event, so be sure to contact Diane at Stitchscape if you would like to book a place!

With plenty of free parking at Stitchscape, you’ve got no reason not to drop in and see this lovely space!

We wanted to know a bit more about Diane and how she developed and honed her sewing groove.  Here are her 3 questions and replies.

  1.  When did your love of sewing begin?

I reckon a velvet penguin had a lot to do with it! 

I had sewing lessons and home economics with a brilliant teacher called Mrs Rowlands.  I have no idea why I made a penguin soft toy out of velvet, as I don’t like the touch of it; it goes through me. 

The next main sewing project I remember was a burgundy coloured jumpsuit, which I adored so much, that I bought a hat the same colour and have a really fun photo of me posing for England in this outfit – my shoes were a gold colour.  The early 80’s.  I rest my case! 

My mum used to sew all sorts of things but wasn’t really that ‘in’ to it, since she had 3 daughters on her own, it was a bit hard to be ‘in’ to anything.  She made us long dresses when we were carnival queen attendants in the 70’s.  I still have the pattern but not sure I’ll ever use it.  But who knows what I’ll want to sew in the future?

2.  Who is your favourite fabric designer for your personal quilting fabric or dressmaking fabric stash?

I don’t have one in particular, although I love Kaffe Fassett’s and Zandra Rhodes’ fabric.  I’m a bit of a colour and pattern freak.  Always have been.  It’s who I am.

3.  What’s one thing you would love to sew but haven’t yet?

I have never sewn a coat before but that’s about to change, as Celia Banks is doing several sessions to help us make a coat at the studio. 

Other than that, there’s masses of things I still want to sew. My problem is stopping sewing!  I am never without at least 10 projects on the go or waiting in the wings.  

I’m the same as most of us; so many pulls on our time, that we can’t do as much as we would like.  I have to just accept that and purely enjoy the times when I can sew.

Finally, we asked Diane for a sewing tip to share with all us Thread Heads and we just loved her reply!

My sewing tip is to cultivate creativity by losing the fear and letting go of comparison.  You make what you want to make, in the way you’re happiest doing it.

Thanks for chatting with us, Diane!  If you are in the Warrington area and stop by Stitchscape be sure to tell Diane that you read about her at Thread Heads!

Happy Sewing!

Clare x


Clare is an old school up-cycler who created early punk style wedding dresses for her Barbie dolls from her mom’s old bras. Her top tip: lacy cups make the perfect skirt overlay for the dress.

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