New Giveaway! Who Do You Think Will Win This Year’s Great British Sewing Bee?

great british sewing bee 2016


Loving this year’s Sewing Bee and feeling inspired to pick up the pace with some awesome sewing projects?  We hear you!

This month’s giveaway is right up your street for all of you watching the fun and drama of the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2.

Leave a comment below predicting who you think will win and be in the running to win a Sew Liberated Brynna Dress sewing pattern and enough lovely Boho Style Floral Paisley Viscose Georgette dressmaking fabric to make yourself one just in time for your summer hols!

Leave your prediction by midnight on Monday, 30 May … there will only be 7 sewists left by then!  Not bad odds, eh?

When the sewing bee’s winner is announced in late June, we’ll randomly draw our sewing bundle winner from everyone who correctly predicted the sewing bee’s winner!  Only 1 prediction per person.  Oh, and if no one has correctly predicted the winner, then we’ll do our drawing from everyone who predicted one of the 3 sewists who make it to the final.

You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to win!  So why not have a go?

And hey, that gorgeous striped dress at the opening of the show?  Make one for yourself with Makower’s Red White Blue London Stripe quilting fabric!  Medium weight cotton makes for a lovely summer dress!

Happy Sewing!



Clare is an old school up-cycler who created early punk style wedding dresses for her Barbie dolls from her mom’s old bras. Her top tip: lacy cups make the perfect skirt overlay for the dress.

28 thoughts on “New Giveaway! Who Do You Think Will Win This Year’s Great British Sewing Bee?

    • Clare says:

      Hey Christine! He’s really good, isn’t he? There are a couple of sewists who seem to be early strong contenders and he’s definitely one of them!

    • Clare says:

      Jamie definitely has the sewing chops to win it from what we’ve seen so far! But there a couple of others who are looking like contenders, too! Thanks for entering, Angela!

  1. Nicky says:

    There are a few strong sewers but I think Jamie will do it. He made some great items so far, he doesn’t seem to let the challenges fluster him at all & he’s from Devon like me!!

    • Clare says:

      Hi Nicky! Thanks for your thoughts. Jamie’s coolness under pressure is amazing! I know it was only week 2, but he seriously never looks stressed even when he ran out of time with his cape!

    • Clare says:

      I love Joyce’s attitude! And she made a gorgeous cape last week. She challenged herself and the judges have to be impressed with that! Thanks for posting your prediction, Joanne!

    • Clare says:

      Hi Peggy! Josh is amazing given that he’s only been sewing for 2 years! He may not win… but you never know!

    • Clare says:

      Howdy Bella! So far it looks like Jamie is the one to beat according to our fellow Thread Heads! Next week’s lingerie challenge may be a tough one for him, though!

  2. Alex says:

    I’m thinking Charlotte is going to win. She has the intelligence and talent to adapt and get better throughout the show.

    • Clare says:

      Hey there Alex! I thought there would be more people predicting Charlotte on the blog. She is really good and her personality makes her fun to watch!

    • Clare says:

      I’ve seen Charlotte’s pre-sewing bee blog. She does some beautiful modern quilts! Thanks for the prediction!

    • Clare says:

      Hey Vanessa! Charlotte’s got to be going to the final. That kimono was beautiful! Made me want to make one….

  3. Clare says:

    After Jamie’s shock elimination from the show last night, we still have 6 fellow Thread Heads who’ve made their predictions and are still in the running to win. There’s 1 vote for Josh. 1 for Joyce. 1 for Angeline and 3 for Charlotte … still excellent odds to win our sewing bundle!

    • Clare says:

      Ah, she is definitely looking stronger as the weeks go by and I love that she challenges herself. I disagree that her nightie last week looked ‘mumsie’! I thought it looked nicely stitched and that the colours/patterns were lovely! Thanks for your prediction Nicola!

    • Clare says:

      Thanks for the prediction Samantha! Rumana’s kimono was so lovely! I will be interesting to see what she does in Monday’s challenge!

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I think Charlotte may win – I’ve followed her blog for quite a while and she doesn’t panic under the pressure to finish in time however I’m rooting for Jade as I really like her and loved the skirt she made.

    • Clare says:

      It would be great to see someone so young win the title! Her skirt was fab! I loved her cape, too! I read Charlotte’s blog, too. She comes across as so down to earth and very confident. My husband predicted her to win from week 1!

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