Pantone Colours of the Year for 2016 – A Little Colour Trend FYI!

fabrics with pinks and blues

You may or may not be familiar with the company called Pantone, but chances are, dear Thread Heads, you’ve been affected by their influence on annual and seasonal colour schemes.  How’s that, you’re wondering?

Well, Pantone first became famous for standardising colours for the manufacturing industry allowing for products to be made in different locations, but still end up looking identical.

With regard to we who love fabrics, one big time event Pantone is famous for is predicting colour trends that influence all sorts of industries.  Designers from every where wait with bated breath to learn what will be Pantone’s Colour of the Year from their suggested palette of colours for the year.

This sets trends that are often followed by manufacturers and designers of everything from decorative paints, dyes, housewares, and web design to the cosmetic and fashion industries.  In fact we’d put money on the idea that fabric designers for the likes of Michael Miller, Makower, Riley Blake, etc. are already getting ready to launch collections featuring the winning colour schemes.  Once you know their crowned colour palettes, if pay attention and you’ll begin to notice them.  A lot!

Not sure you believe us?  Have a go at doing a Pinterest search for Pantone 2016 and you’ll see how much the colour schemes already trending in the design world.

Personally, we here at Thread Heads love colour, but we can’t let Pantone dictate all of our choices for our fabrics.  Variety is the spice of life, and all that, right?

Yet if you are someone who enjoys being in the know when it comes to trends, then you may want to focus on two colours throughout 2016:  Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue, Pantone’s Colours of the Year!  This pale pink and pale blue were selected for their calming effect on people and Pantone suggests the colours follow the trend of people focusing on their well-being and relief from everyday stress.  Normally, Pantone selects only one colour per year, but this year is a first!  They’ve gone for the two colours because they compliment each other so well.  It’s going to be a powder blue and petal pink world for 2016!

We like the choices!  Who doesn’t love gorgeous pastels?  The complimentary colour palettes are really beautiful and may inspire your sewing projects.  Oh, and Pantone is suggesting these colours for both men and women so keep an eye out for these pastels in menswear this year!  Have a peek at our fabrics which feature pinks and blues for some ideas for you next sewing project!


Clare is an old school up-cycler who created early punk style wedding dresses for her Barbie dolls from her mom’s old bras. Her top tip: lacy cups make the perfect skirt overlay for the dress.

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