Oh Sew Bootiful Sugar Skull Modern Embroidery Hoop Art Kit

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For the beginner and intermediate stitcher this gorgeous modern Sugar Skull embroidery hoop art kit definitely has the wow factor!

In your kit you’ll get all the instruction you need to successfully work through the project.  There’s even fabric for practice stitching.  So it’s likely you’ll be smiling big time when you finish the kit and you’ll have beautiful wall art to display in your home.

The Sugar Skull design comes from the traditional Mexican folk art created in celebration of The Day of the Dead festival to honor and remember those who have died.  Sugar Skulls have become really popular in the tattoo world and are respected for their folk art beauty.

This very cool design is printed in colour onto the fabric.  No potentially dodgy tracing needed!

Each gorgeous box has everything you need:

  • A 6 inch wooden embroidery hoop
    • Pre – printed, 100% cotton fabric
    • Padding
    • A ‘how to’ guide from start to finish
    • Illustrated stitch instructions
    • 100% cotton embroidery thread
    • 2 x size 7, gold eye, embroidery needles
    • A practice pack containing cotton fabric and embroidery thread
    • A paper version of the pattern

A perfect gift to create for a loved one or give them the gift of an ‘I Made That!’ moment with a kit of their own!

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Dear fellow thread heads – may we gush for a moment over this stunning, hip, modern embroidery hoop art kit’s design?  This design brings me back to days when I was living in Houston, Texas and all the fab folk art shops that would stock Mexcican handicrafts for Day of the Dead festivals.  Far from being morbid, these skeleton crafts celebrated loved ones who had passed away.

Created by uber-talented UK designer Steph Arnold for her brand Oh Sew Bootiful, once we spotted these lovelies we knew we had to share them with you!

These kits will help you to create the most beautiful gift for a new home,  birthdays, Christmas, or just because you want to give someone something special that you created.  Or give the gorgeous box of  stitchy wonder itself as a gift!  The Sugar Skull design would make an awesome Halloween decoration, too!

Embroidery is a very portable craft, so you can work on your kit while on the train, while away on holiday, or relaxing at home.  Oh Sew Bootiful’s fab kit boxes have a therapeutic quality to them in their clean, minimalistic designs to help you to unwind in a way that only hand stitching can.

A bit of f.y.i.

  • These kits contain 2 very sharp needles.  Care must be taken when embroidering.  Also, because of the needles, these kits are not intended for children and must be kept out of their reach.
  • The designs are printed on natural 100% cotton fabric.  So they are not a brilliant white colour but more of a slightly creamy white.  They may have occasional, slight, natural imperfections woven into the fabric as it always the case when working with natural 100% cotton cloth.
  • Colours display differently on on different screens and devices.  The printed fabric may look slightly different in person from what you see on your screen.
  • Oh Sew Bootiful created these kits for individual, personal use only.  The pattern may not be reproduced and resold or distributed.  All creations are not for resale.

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