Simplicity 1080 – Dottie Angel Original Frock Dress and Tunic Sewing Pattern


Dottie Angel Original Frock Dress and Tunic Dressmaking Pattern

Simplicity 1080

Create your own Dottie Angel Original frock or tunic with this fab dressmaking pattern!  Very on trend and be sure to check out our links below for some serious inspiration for sewing your own unique Dottie Angel design.

This 7 piece pattern will offer you several options for a wardrobe filling, season spanning go-to dress!  Team this one up with a chunky cardigan, tights and a ankle boots for a funky, on-trend look!  Perfect way to highlight your fave cottony fabrics!

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We *love* Dottie Angel boho style designs!  Dottie Angel garments are a Pinterest sensation and her designs are simultaneously pretty darn cool and homely.  Vintage meets hipster, you know?  A little bit hygge a little bit rock-n-roll.  Oh and the Donnie and Marie reference is intentional – showing my age here but couldn’t resist!  It’s late and I’m finding myself *really* funny!!

Ok, back to this fab dressmaking pattern…  Not sure who or what Dottie Angel is?  Just read on dear Thread Heads!

The awesome dress and tunic pattern (Simplicity number 1080) is the creation of Brit designer, artist, author, blogger, knitter, and embroiderer Tif Fussell.  Now living in the Seattle area of Washington State in the US, Tif celebrates what she calls ‘granny chic’ and a simpler, more creative life.  Have a read about this fab smash of a dress on the Dottie Angel blog.  She discusses her creative take on life on the Woolful podcast and it is definitely worth a listen.  Tif is a firm believer in mindfulness and how craft has helped her to get through tough times by focusing on enjoying life in the moment and cherishing family and friends.  Dottie Angel is her upbeat, earthy alter ego who lives by the following philosophy:

Dottie Angel Do’s

1. do have high hopes

2. do follow the righteous
and goodly path of thriftiness

3. do think you are most peachy perfect

4. do feel a little crafty
as least twice a day

5. do wear your slip peeking
out from below your skirt

6. do embrace all that is
granny chic
and give it a forever home

Pretty much all of our cotton fabrics would work really well to create one or two of these awesome frocks!  We particularly like the idea of mixing it up a bit and trying something that might normally be out of your comfort zone print-wise.  How about some of our Anna Maria Horner prints for you fierce earth mothers?  Of go a bit retro with Daisy Janie Organics?  Or keep it simply countryside chic with some Andover Fabrics’ Itsy Bits prints.  Two to three metres is all you need along with some bias binding, your thread and sewing machine and you can whip one of these up in no time!  Check out the back of package pic above for all the supply scoop!

If you’re interested in learning with Tif then she will be offering two workshops in London at the end of June 2017 at Loop knitting shop.  Have a peek here for all the details.

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